Our Philosophy

Our Pilosophy for kids dentist visit in IrvineOur Core Principals

A. Parents are always invited to stay with their child during all procedures
B. No restraining by devices like papoose
C. Behavior modification through connecting and explaining with the child and creating trust and comfort


Why Our Approach is so Unique

Under the care of Dr. McCormack, most children are cooperative. Dr. McCormack believes in gentle loving approach and allowing enough time for each child in the office to get comfortable.

Dental Prevention

Most dental research identifies cavities as a dental disease, or a condition caused by bacteria, which can be cured and prevented. Early preventative measures in childhood are very important for future health.  Our approach to dental prevention includes but is not limited to in-office treatment for eliminating bacteria (sealants, fillings, etc.), fluoride treatment and most importantly, educating parents and motivating kids on how to prevent future dental disease. Both doctor and staff can provide the nutritional counseling your child needs for healthy teeth for life!

Child Behavior Management

Dental care is known to be one of the most anxiety-causing forms of healthcare, and pediatric dentistry is especially delicate. At Dr. McCormack’s office, we believe that a child must have a positive experience from the very beginning in preparation for a life-lasting healthy mouth. Both doctors first and foremost get acquainted with your child in the playroom and reception area even before they slide into the dental chair. We help your child understand the importance of dental health while eliminating any anxiety.

We Do Not Believe in Physical Restraint!

We believe that this method (which utilizes a papoose board) is neither beneficial to the serenity nor the wellbeing of the child. Physical restraint can cause emotional trauma for children and parents alike and is known to generate future fears of visiting the dentist.

Appropriate Alternatives

Under the care of Dr. McCormack, most children are cooperative. There are however cases where children are too young or unable to cooperate. In these circumstances, we provide Nitrous Oxide or we offer general anesthesia for children at Mobisurg Surgical Center if necessary. We do not believe in forcing routine dental care. Instead, we aim to help children realize the importance of healthy teeth now—so that they can practice dental health for all their years to come.